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E4D Crowns

E4D CrownsE4D is a revolutionary dental technology that has transformed the way we create and fit dental restorations and crowns. In the past, placing a crown or other restorations required multiple office visits and several weeks of temporary restorative wear while permanent fixtures were created in a lab. During that time, teeth could break and patients could experience significant discomfort.

Thanks to the E4D system, same-day ceramic crowns and restorations have become a welcome reality for many of our patients. This complex technology features state-of-the-art digital scanning, design and milling all in a single unit. No longer are restorations spread out over multiple visits, because with E4D, patients spend just a couple of hours in our office from start to finish. Patients can walk out of our office with porcelain crowns and brilliant new smiles in a single afternoon.

How Does E4D Work?

E4D is a powder-free system that generates multiple 3D images of a patientís teeth using digital impressions. Multi-angled interactive images are visible in-office, and E4D uses them to produce a rendering of the actual dental environment in just seconds. Advanced lasers then mill fitted restorations that fit seamlessly into the mouth, fabricating a new smile that appears both natural and aesthetically pleasing.

E4Dís ceramic crowns and restorations are not only safe, but they are also resistant to damage and wear over time. As the reputation of E4D technology grows, patients are beginning to request E4D restorations because they are fast, convenient, visually attractive and structurally reliable.

For more information about E4D, contact our office today. We will schedule a consultation to help you determine whether E4D restorations are right for you.

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